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About Us

Corporate Name

Airstar Japan K.K.

Head Office

5-3-8 Kamiyoga Setagaya-ku
Tokyo 158-0098 Japan

Phone / Fax

Tel: +81 3 5797 9501 Fax: +81 3 5797 9502

Representative & Managing Director

Sebastien Phal


5,000,000 yen






Space Lighting and Space Decoration
Event project management


  • Accor Group
  • Creativeman Productions Co Ltd
  • Embassy of France in Japan
  • Fuji TV
  • Grand Hyatt
  • Greenroom Co
  • LeaR Inc
  • Nomurakougei
  • Redbull Japan
  • RGB Creation Co Ltd
  • Space Shower TV
  • TV Asahi Corporation
  • Zeo Production
  • And More…

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Airstar International Web


Our Strength

  • 20 years of experience in Japan and the Asian Pacific Region. • A team of passionate and dedicated staff, subsidiaries, and distributors who come from diverse background ; each bringing with them their creativity, understanding of local markets and the know–how.
  • The willingness to share ideas and embrace the common “can-do” attitude with the objective of giving the highest standard of service par excellence.

Equally passionate and dedicated is the global network of Airstar team and distributors – the United States, Europe, the Middle East.. It is truly a “network that never sleeps” . We provide the Sale and Rental options to optimize client’s business needs at all times. We strive to be the most reliable business partner not only with clients but within the global AIRSTAR network.

We continue to bring relentless new product innovations and cutting-edge technology and not forgetting to upgrade and improve our existing product lines.

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