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Airstar Japan K.K.

Creative agency which offers a surprising range of lighting application, design and production throughout Airstar lighting fixtures.
Airstar is the inventor and world leader of lighting balloon.
The perfect source of Illumination and decoration for Events & Exhibitions, Architecture & Design, Cinema & Television, Construction & Safety.

Solutions per Industry

Events & Exhibitions

If you have a project or an idea that requires lighting to enhance a particular site, light a party or to point up your partner’s corporate name or brand, our lighting balloons professionals can assist you with your needs. The experience of the Airstar crew knows and understands the large variety and versatility of our products lines and can help you to find the best solution for all of your needs.

Airstar offers more than just a product, it provides experts who can work with you to make your event unique.

Architectural design

Considering the increasing requests to enhance spaces, Airstar now offers Permanent Lighting Solutions.

Airstar products can be customized and integrated into any environment thus creating the perfect enhancement to fit your needs.

Cinema & TV

Daylight, Tungsten, Hybrid, Grip, Tube shape, Ellipse, reflectors, skirts or no skirts, indoor or outdoor… How many parameters can you change before choosing your ideal Airstar?

We will also introduce our latest innovations and products on this website.

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